What is Nogard?

Nogard is a fairly small Minecraft server with huge ambitions. It currently features 6 types of gameplay, a ranking system, gadgets, currency, and so much more! Join today with the IP nogard.us to see what it's all about, and bring a friend along too!


Play any of our fun Minigames with your friends! Most of them give you a cash prize, but some of them don't. Our current minigames are Spleef/Splegg, Maze, One in the Chamber, Casino, Hunger Games, Mob Arena, Paintball, and Quicksand.


There are currently 6 different categories of difficulty of parkour courses on Nogard. The parkours feature cash prizes, high scores, checkpoints, and so much more.

Creative Plots

Creative plots on Nogard are a little small, but they still work. Let your creativity shine through by building some cool things in creative plots! You can also build maps for Minigames or Parkour and you may be eligible for a cash prize.


Have your own personal survival island! You start out with a few resources, and you build your island from there. There is a Skyblock Store, multiple island presets, challenges, and more.


Fight with your friends in the KitPVP on Nogard with awesome kits! Earn money for each kill, and unlock better kits as you rankup.

Prison Mines

Wack away at blocks, purchase awesome kits, rankup for access to better mines, and get lots of awesome loot!

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