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What's New

We've added two new ranks: YouTube and Twitch! These ranks both have the same permissions as Wyvern, the middle donator rank on Nogard. Click here to learn more about each of the ranks and the requirements for each. If you think you want to apply, please read through the post and fill out the form that is linked in the "Applying" section.


Here are the top voters for April, 2021:

  1. BlockPlacer12345
  2. Craetoes
  3. ReusableClub8

Thanks for voting, and enjoy your prizes!


In addition to this, here are some minor updates that were made during April, 20...


 May 1, 2021 at 3:27AM

We're happy to announce that Nogard is now a completely anarchy server! Go wild and destroy everything!


Haha, just kidding! April fools! 😁


For real though, here are the top voters for March, 2021:

  1. BlockPlacer12345
  2. Craetoes
  3. littlefighter126

Enjoy your prizes!


And here are some updates that have been made recently:


  • Upgraded the server from 3gb to 4gb to prevent crashes due to running out of memory. 


  • Fixed mobs course lava making impossible jumps again
  • Fixed ruins course water making impossible jumps agai...


 Apr 1, 2021 at 3:33AM

Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce that we have a new Moderator on the Nogard team, CrabANiceGame!  It's been a long time since we brought on a new staff member, so this is pretty exciting. Bringing his knowledge from running his own server, he'll be able to help out new players on Nogard and make them feel welcomed. He'll be able to handle issues that happen when staff members in America are unavailable since he lives in Europe. We look forward to seeing what CrabANiceGame can do for the Nogard community!

If you would like to make a moderator application, please make an account on our website and make a new post here: https://nogard....


 Mar 20, 2021 at 2:23PM

Hello, hope everybody is doing well! It hasn't been long since our last update, but there have been a lot of updates since then. 


New Parkour Course

We have a new hard Parkour course called "Sky's the Limit" by Blockplacer12345 with WorldEdit help from CrabANiceGame. The goal of this course is in an end ship where you normally find the elytra. We hope you enjoy it!


Top Voters

Here are the top voters for the month of February, 2021:

  1. BlockPlacer12345
  2. t...


 Feb 28, 2021 at 7:44PM


Quests have been released on Prison! Quests are tasks such as mining a certain number of blocks, building on your Prison Cell, or slaying mobs and players that you can complete. Complete quests to gain prizes, such as gem bags or crate keys! These were added to give players a new way to gain gems, since they were hard to come by. All quests are repeatable, but some reset sooner than others.

You can only start one quest at a time. To start a quest, type /quests or walk near the Wandering Trader in the Prison spawn,. Then, select a category and click a quest to start it. To stop a quest, follow...


 Feb 2, 2021 at 6:56PM