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Survival is Here, Alongside Other Updates

Apr 20, 2019 • meowsome No comments

This is the moment many of you have been waiting for: Survival is finally on Nogard! After a few months of work, it’s finally ready for release, and hopefully bug-free. You can read more about it at this page.

Here are some of the notable features:

  • You can access the Survival menu at any time by typing /survival in-game. It features a chest GUI with various useful shortcuts, including the ability to teleport to where you left off when you last visited the world.
  • You are able to claim “chunks” with the /chunk claim command.
    • Everyone gets a maximum of 10 claims. This will be increased later on.
    • Each chunk is $5,000 in-game each, with the first being free.
  • The world has a radius of 10,000 blocks.
  • You’re able to rent areas in the Survival spawn for 1 month intervals where you can set up chest shops for other players to purchase or sell items to or from you.
  • The Survival world has a nether and an end.
  • Regular players get 1 /sethome, Wyvern donors get 2, and Dragon donors get 3.


Here are some other smaller updates worth noting:

  • The old “Chest Shop” plugin we were using unfortunately doesn’t work well with our new host for some reason. We’ve switched to another plugin that fulfills the same concept, but in a slightly different way. Read about how to set this up for your Skyblock or Survival player shop here towards the bottom of the screen.
  • The /spawn command now teleports you to the spawn of the world you are currently in, while /lobby and /hub teleport you back to the main lobby.
  • That anti-cheat plugin we were testing out just didn’t seem to be performing well, so we’ve switched back to our old one. You shouldn’t be kicked randomly anymore.
  • Everyone now has access to /afk! That was a silly donor perk.
  • The /buy command was broken, but now it works again.
  • The Prison crate has received a very minor buff.


If you experience any bugs, please contact staff! If it’s a major bug you discover, you could receive some compensation for finding it. Thank you, and Happy Easter!

We’re Back!

Mar 24, 2019 • meowsome No comments

After being down for about a month, Nogard is finally back! We’re now on a new host, and many updates have been made.

What happened?

Nogard’s old host, Cubiknode, mysteriously disappeared. All of their servers that they were renting out to people went offline, they deleted support tickets on their site instead of responding to them, and they removed all channels in their Discord server where people could send messages. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to retrieve Nogard’s files from them, and the latest backup we have is from October of 2018. So, yes, that means that there will be a major rollback of about 4-5 months. I will do my best to make sure people get back what they lost, but there’s only so much I can do. I’m extremely sorry about this, and I can assure you I will be taking backups much more often, as I’ve found a new way to do it that takes a fraction of the time and takes up a fraction of the space. Nogard is now back up and running on a new host!

What’s Changed?

  • Obviously, lots of data was lost. Anything built and any achievements made after October of 2018 have disappeared.
  • Minigames and KitPVP are now gone, and will soon be replaced with a land-claiming Survival gamemode, which is a work in progress.
  • Some old Parkour maps have been removed, and others have been re-organized.
  • There’s now a temporary Parkour lobby, which will soon be expanded into something a lot bigger!
  • Many internal things have been updated, such as the player list menu, the anti-cheat plugin, the jump pads in the lobby, and more.

Again, I’m incredibly sorry about the rollback, and I truly hope that nothing like this ever happens again. Please send staff a message if you notice anything wrong or have any questions!

About our Recent Downtime

Feb 23, 2019 • meowsome No comments

Unfortunately, Nogard has been down for just about 64 hours, and it is completely out of our control. Our host’s Discord removed all channels where members can send messages in, and the owner hasn’t responded to any of my inquiries. I’m really hoping that our host isn’t slowly dying and this is just the effect of that. Hopefully it comes back up soon, and when/if it does, I will be taking a backup of all of the files and considering moving to another host. We’re very sorry for the downtime, and we truly hope that this doesn’t result in any loss of data. Please keep checking back on our Discord server (click here) or the website for the latest updates on this!

Top Voters January 2019

Jan 31, 2019 • meowsome No comments


We had a lot of votes during the first month of 2019, and for the past few months we’ve seen a gradual increase in votes overall, which is awesome! All the votes are very appreciated, and help bring in new players! Here are the top voters for January, 2019:

  1. campbellclan
  2. Missykix
  3. Mzra

Thank you all so much for voting! The top 3 have received a prize. See you again next month!

New Parkour & Spleef Maps

Jan 27, 2019 • meowsome No comments

Good evening,

Nogard has two new player-created maps for you to come and check out sometime! Read more about them below

This map is called Cherry Blossom, and it was built by Mzra. It’s a sweet new addition to our Spleef game. Come check it out sometime!

Our second new map is called Biome Run, and it’s built by TubbyLoaf. It’s a new Normal-difficulty Parkour map, and it gives $200 for each time you win.

Hope to see you on soon, and be sure to check out these two new maps!

Small Skyblock & Prison Updates

Jan 3, 2019 • meowsome No comments


Both Skyblock and Prison have received minor updates in the first few days of this year! You can see them below:


  • Players now have the ability to change their island’s settings by using the command /is settings. This command is useful for if you want to allow or prevent visitors to your island to be able to perform certain things, such as using doors.
  • All the Skyblock challenges have been revamped! Most previously existing challenges have had their rewards changed drastically, and some have had their requirements changed as well! There are even a few new challenges for you to check out, too! If you’ve already completed all the challenges, you won’t lose any progress. Type /challenges in-game to check them out!


  • All of the Prison mines (I-X) have had their block compositions altered. Each of the mines now has a slightly better yield when you sell your blocks, so it should be easier for new players to start out and for current players to rank up! Be sure to check out the mines sometime to see how they’ve changed!
  • A few bugs were fixed, including one where the Haste II from the Dragon mine was accessible from the I mine, and one where there was a bedrock block missing from the border of the I mine.

Also, you can expect some changes to come soon! Do I smell some new donor perks and a survival game-mode coming soon? 👀

As always, be sure to report any bugs you find to staff. We hope to see you on soon!

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