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On the Creative Plots section of Nogard, you can build literally anything you want, as long as it follows our rules (type /rules in-game to see them)! You receive a plot of land that you can build on, but you can’t build on other people’s plots! you can invite other players to build on your plot, you can ban people from your plot, and if you’re a donor, you can even use WorldEdit on your plot (See the donor rank description for a list of allowed commands)! Start off by typing either /p auto to claim a random plot, or /p claim to claim an empty plot that you’re standing on.



There are a wide variety of commands associated with this section of the server, most of which come from one plugin. Please see this page for a full list of commands, or see some more common ones below.

  • /plot auto
  • /plot claim
  • /plot delete
  • /plot visit (username/id)
  • /plot kick
  • /plot middle
  • /plot trust
  • /plot add
  • /plot deny
  • /plot remove
  • /plot merge
  • /plot link