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Prison on Nogard is not like the “OP” prison you see on other servers, but rather a simplified version of that. You can start either by going to the wood mine and starting from scratch by creating a pickaxe, or you can buy the starter kit (see /prison). The goal of prison is to mine blocks in the highest level mine that you can and sell them for a profit! As you rank up on the server, you unlock more mines, and these new mines have better resources that sell for a greater profit. It doesn’t matter whether or not you rank up in prison, you will still unlock these new mines since the ranks are server-wide. The names of the mines coordinate with your rank name (e.g. if you were rank IV, you’d be able to go to mines I through IV). There are also donor mines, one for Wyvern and one for Dragon, and some other benefits for donors as well. If you want to get around the prison map quickly, try using theĀ /prison menu.




  • /prison
  • /mines
  • /kits
  • /sell all/hand/item (donors only)
  • /workbench (donors only)
  • /enderchest (donors only)