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When you first create an island in the Skyblock world on Nogard, you have the choice between three different presets. The choice between these three is completely up to you, but once you choose one, you’ll find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with a chest full of items and a cow. It’s your goal to use the resources given to you as well as the resources available in the Skyblock Store to make your island as big, productive, and impressive as possible. Play solo or with friends, complete a wide array of challenges, create shops to buy and sell items, reset your island if you ever get bored, and get some extra perks with a donator rank as well!



  • /island (/is for short with all commands)
  • /island go
  • /island cp
  • /island lang
  • /island level
  • /island top
  • /island warps
  • /island invite
  • /island team
  • /island leave
  • /island kick/remove
  • /island coop (player name)
  • /warp skyblockstore
  • /island help
  • /shop


  • How to create a cobblestone generator:
  • How to create a player shop:
    1. Place a chest where you want it.
    2. Place a sign near or on the chest.
    3. Enter the following:
    4. Here’s an example of a shop that sells arrows to players for $32 each and buys arrows from players for $16 each:
    5. If you’re selling, place your items in you chest, and make sure to keep it restocked
  • How to create an island warp
    1. Place a sign where you want the players who warp to your island to spawn
    2. On that sign, type [WELCOME] on the first line
    3. On the other lines, give a brief description of what users can do at your island, or anything you want!