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Updates and Top Voters May 2022

Good evening, and happy Summer!

With the 1.19 update coming out in a week, we have big plans. In a poll from March 28th, 10 players said they wanted to have the Survival world reset for the 1.19 update and 0 players objected. So, stay tuned for updates on a map reset for the 1.19 Survival world as soon as Spigot and Paper are both updated to 1.19.

Additionally, here are some recent updates:

  • Width++ and Height++ in Prison mines had become slow since the 1.18 update. However, they've been fixed, and now work as fast as they used to. Thanks CrabANiceGame for reporting this issue a few months ago!
  • There were a couple issues with Nogard that occurred towards the end of this month.
    • Firstly, our host was having some issues with the server that the Bungeecord server was on. It went up and down all day on the 27th, and was down for a total of 7 hours before being fixed on May 28th. 
    • Secondly, the website was down since the 26th because our host had to perform emergency maintenance and the IPs changed, and their notification email went to my spam folder so I didn't notice it. I had to perform some repairs on the MySQL database, and it was back up and running on the 29th. If you experience errors, you may need to clear your browser cache. 


Top Voters for the month of May, 2022:

  1.  PraxorFTW
  2.  GuMaiChaiPun
  3.  SuperGamingYT_


Thanks for voting! Hopefully there won't be as many problems in June. Hope to see you online soon!

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Jun 1, 2022 at 2:36AM