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Nogard 1.16 Update Information


We've made some progress on the Nogard 1.16 update, and we'd like to share what we've been working on so far with everyone.

To start out, I'll introduce the most important change: Nogard is moving from one single server to multiple different servers, which will be connected with BungeeCord. We're going to be keeping data separate for each server in this new network. This means that your money, rank, and anything else except for donator ranks will be kept separate for each section of the network. The player ranks I through X won't even exist anymore, except for in Prison. While this may seem like a problem more than a feature at first, this change gives us unlimited potential to customize each section of the network much more than before. Each server will have more plugins and features, will have individualized vote rewards and more donator perks, will be able to hold more players, can be connected to directly with their associated IPs to bypass the lobby, and much more. Trust us, it's gonna be awesome.

Each server in the network is going to get its own unique touch. Here's a brief overview for each of the servers. For Skyblock, we have plans to use an entirely different currency alongside regular money and to use the island level in place of a rank. Skyblock will also include missions to earn currency as before, but will now also feature upgrades, boosters, crates, and more. For Prison, we're going with the traditional way of using ranks and prestiges to unlock new mines. Each mine will have its own set of increased prices as you move up the ranks. You will even be able to make a profit by creating your own player shop for lower-ranked players to sell at for a higher price than their current rank. Oh, and yes, we’re heavily beefing up all of the kits. Parkour will have ranks as well, which will depend on the number of courses you have completed. Parkour will also feature its own currency, with the ability to spend it in a shop on items such as potions and fun cosmetic features. All of these servers will also receive many more updates not mentioned here.

These changes to the way Nogard is structured give each server room for countless new features and allow for easier and more plentiful updates in the future. We hope that everyone enjoys this change.



Survival on Nogard is getting a complete overhaul, and we'd like to show you what we've been working on so far. Here is a glimpse at what's coming:

New Lobby: We can't show any pictures yet since it isn't complete, but BucketMuncher is creating an entirely new spawn area for this new update of Survival. This spawn will include helpful information, shortcuts to places, and a new area for rentable player shops.

More Achievements: We're introducing over 100 new achievements that players will be able to complete to earn money, experience, and items. These achievements will be accessible through a chest menu where you can see your progress for each achievement. Some examples of achievements include mining specific blocks, breeding animals, trading with villagers, slaying the Ender Dragon, and much more. I've even added a new feature to this plugin myself by contributing code to the plugin developer!

New Donator Perks: Donators now have a lot more new perks in Survival. These include increased number of homes, increased number of chunk claims, extra Survival vote prizes, new monthly Survival rewards, personal vaults, /heal and /feed commands with cooldowns, new tags, and more.

Miscellaneous Improvements: We've fixed various different bugs, such as player shops not being cleared after they expired and fire tick not being enabled. There are now kits for first-time players, a feature to make it easier to skip through the night, a Survival menu for quick access to features anywhere, new vote, daily, and monthly rewards specific to Survival, and much more not mentioned.



All of the other servers are getting overhauls as well. But these take time, and we want you to be able to play on this new update as soon as possible. So, we will be rolling out each server throughout the remainder of this year. We'll start with just the Lobby and Survival at first, which will be released to the public on July 24th, 2020. Each of the remaining servers, including Skyblock, Prison, and Parkour, will be rolled out during the remainder of this year. We'll make announcements with our progress and for each of these releases.

This new update will cost a lot more to run Nogard each month than before. We appreciate all donations, which help pay for the server and allow us to add new updates, such as this 1.16 update. Donations can be made by clicking here, and any item purchased in the current version of Nogard will be transferred over to the new update as well.

Thank you for reading, and we hope that you're excited for all these new changes! If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them below or on any of our social media pages.


UPDATE: We're pushing back the update of the server one week. We now plan on releasing it on July 31, next Friday, instead of this Friday. The maps just aren't ready yet and we want to make sure you have the best experience upon release. Thank you all for your patience, and I hope that you enjoy this update when it comes. I'll make another announcement before the release with more details, like time.

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Jul 8, 2020 at 9:26PM
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