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Skyblock Information

When you start on Skyblock, you’ll find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with a chest full of items. It’s your goal to use the resources given to you to make your island as big, productive, and impressive as possible. Play solo or with friends, complete a wide array of unique challenges, compete to have the highest island level, create shops to buy and sell items, and lots more! Read below to find out more about Skyblock on Nogard.



When you first spawn in the Skyblock world, take a moment to look around the spawn area. This area includes lots of useful information and resources, such as a tutorial area to help you get started, the server shop, the PVP Arena, crates, and more. After you’re done, the first thing you’re going to want to do is create your island. Create an island using the command /island. After typing this command, you will be teleported to your new island. Typing /island or /is any time after your island is created will teleport you back to your island. Typing /skyblock will open the Skyblock menu, which contains a lot of helpful shortcuts to the different areas of the Skyblock server. Use this command any time you get lost or need to teleport to somewhere on the server.


Island Types

There are 4 different types of islands that you can start with, which are pretty, mushroom, default, snowy, desert. You can preview these islands in the tutorial area of the Skyblock spawn. Each starting island comes with all of the same materials to get you started.




When you start out on your island, one of the first things you’ll want to create is a block generator. Grab your lava and ice from your chest and follow the tutorial in the spawn area to create your generator. To turn your ice into water, simply place the ice and break it.

On Nogard, generators are magic. This means that they have a chance of creating ores as well as cobblestone. This chance can be increased by upgrading your generator. You can type /generator to view the generator menu. 



Money is the only currency in Skyblock on Nogard. There are various different ways that you can make income on the server. You could complete challenges, create a farm and sell to player shops or the server shop, create a player shop for other players to sell to, put rare items up for bidding in the auction, vote, or claim daily rewards to earn crate keys. Be sure to keep reading below to learn more about each of these different ways of collecting money.



All kits can be previewed and claimed through the /kits menu. There are various different kinds of kits on Nogard Skyblock. These kits fall into different categories and have certain limitations, such as cooldowns, island level requirements, and costs. Be sure to review all of the kit requirements in the kits menu before purchasing a kit. The current kits are as follows:

Refreshment Kits:

  • Starter
  • Refresher
  • Food

Item Kits:

  • Blocks
  • Materials

PVP Kits:

  • Battler
  • Slayer

Donator Kits:

  • Wyrm
  • Wyvern
  • Hydra 

To preview kits, open the kits menu and right-click on the kit you wish to preview. To purchase kits, left-click on your desired kit.




There are two different crates in the Skyblock server: the Scrap Crate and Hoard Crate. These crates are both themed around a fictitious “dragon’s loot hoard”. The Scrap Crate gives more common items from the dragon’s “scrap collection” and the keys for this crate are easier to obtain. Prizes include money, experience, items, blocks, seeds, armor, and more. The Hoard Crate gives rarer items straight from the dragon’s “loot hoard” and the keys are more difficult to obtain. Some examples of prizes from the Hoard Crate are money, experience, spawners, mob spawn eggs, rare items, and more. You can preview crate rewards by left-clicking on each crate. Scrap and Hoard Crate Keys can be obtained by completing challenges, voting, claiming daily and monthly rewards, and purchasing them in the server store.




Challenges can be accessed using /challenges. These are specific tasks that you can complete, such as obtaining a certain set of blocks or reaching a certain island level, in order to earn money, experience, items, crate keys, tags, or other rewards. Some challenges can be repeated multiple times to receive a slightly decreased prize from the original prize, where other challenges cannot be repeated. To complete a challenge, simply complete all of the actions required by the challenge you wish to complete and then click on the challenge in the challenges menu once completed. 


Island Level

Each block you place on your island is worth a certain amount of points, and those points are added to your Skyblock island’s value. For every 100 value points that your island gains, you will gain 1 island level. This level is used to calculate your place in the overall island ratings, which can be accessed using /top. You can view your current island value with /level. Your island level is also displayed next to your username in chat, in the name tag above your head, and in the player list in the tab menu. Leveling up your island also unlocks more kits and more challenges over time.



If you need any items, you can either purchase them directly from the server shop, or you can choose to buy from or sell to available player shops. You can use /shop to teleport to the server shop and /warps to view player shops. Using player shops is encouraged because it is usually cheaper and you’ll be directly supporting the players whose shops you use!

You can set up your own player shop at any time on your island. To set up a player shop, firstly you will need to build a shop of your own design on your island with a lot of chests to contain the items you wish to buy or sell. Keep in mind that players will be visiting your shop and may have access to the rest of your island if you do not block it off. Next, place signs on the chests with the following format:



Here’s an example of a shop using my username that sells arrows to players for $32 each and buys arrows from players for $16 each:



If you’re selling, ensure to keep your chests well-stocked with the item that you are selling in each chest. If you’re buying, ensure to keep your chests emptied so they do not fill up. One trick is to place hoppers above or below your chests to either fill or empty them for you. The last step is to place a sign in the location where you want players to spawn and type [WELCOME] on the sign. You’re done, and your shop has been created!




Use the /auctions command to view a menu where you can see all of the items that are currently for sale or are up for bidding in the auction. You can put your own items up for sale using /auctions sell. Items for sale stay in the auctions for 2 days before expiring. You can also put items up for bidding using /auctions bid. Items up for bidding stay in the auctions for 10 minutes before expiring. If an item expires, it will stay in the /auctions expire menu for 10 days for you to reclaim it. You can use /auctions view (username) to see all listings for a specific user.


Miner Minions

Miner Minions are personal minions that work for you. They mine on their own, even when you are not online, so that you don’t have to. Minions can be upgraded to different levels to obtain different mining abilities, such as smelting and fortune. These minions can be customized with different names and colors and can be linked to chests for storing items. They use food as a fuel source in order to keep them working. Minions can be obtained by winning them through crates or by purchasing them on the network store.

To place a minion, shift and right-click on the ground in the location where you want the minion to spawn. To link the minion to a chest, right-click the minion for a menu, click the chest icon, and then shift and left-click on the chest you wish to use. To change a minion’s color, shift and right-click with dye in your hand. To feed a minion, shift and right-click with food in your hand. To change other minion settings and upgrade minions, right-click on the minion to open the menu.



Island Bank

Your island bank can be accessed via /bank. This bank works the same way that a regular bank would work. You can either deposit or withdraw money that can be used by all members of your island. This is a good way for all members of an island to pool money together for big purchases. You can withdraw from or deposit to your island bank at any time. You can use /bank deposit (amount) to deposit money, /bank withdraw (amount) to withdraw money, /bank balance to view your bank’s balance, and /bank statement to view a history of all transactions in your island’s bank. Use /banktop to view the top banks on the server.


Playing with Others

If you want to play with your friends on the same island, you can certainly do so! You can use the /team command to manage your island’s team. Use /team invite (username) to invite a player to your island team, and this player will use /team accept to accept this invitation. There are different ranks that you can assign to your island’s team members. These include coop and trusted ranks. You can manage what each of these teammate ranks can do in your island’s settings menu, which is explained below. You can use /team trust (username) or /team coop (username) to assign these ranks. Other team commands include /team kick (username) to kick a team member from your island, /team promote (username) and /team demote (username) to move team members up and down the rank ladder, and /team leave to leave your current team. To ban a player from your island, use /is ban (username).


Island Settings

Use /settings to click through different island settings in a menu, including managing the island team, setting the biome, changing the name, managing the magic generator, resetting the island, and managing what visitors can or can’t do on your island.


Nether & End Islands

In addition to the regular island that all players receive, all islands come with a nether and end island. You can customize the look of your overworld island upon creation, but all nether and end islands are the same. Blocks placed on nether and end islands add to your total island level, so they are a great place to place down all of your rare blocks or spread out.

To create a nether island, make a nether portal anywhere on your island. The concept is the same for the end island. End portal frames and ender eyes are available in the server store. Unlike in vanilla Minecraft, you can destroy end portal frames and ender eyes with your hand. You can switch back and forth between your nether, end, and overworld islands with the respective portals, or by setting homes in each of them.


Donator Perks

For a full list of Skyblock donator perks, please see or type /buy in-game. Locate the “Ranks” category, click on any rank you are interested in learning more about, and scroll down to the “Skyblock” section to see Skyblock perks. Some perks include island fly, personal vaults, portable crafting tables, additional voting rewards, monthly rewards, additional kits, additional auction slots, cosmetic commands, and more.


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