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Survival Information

Survival on Nogard has all of the great features that comes with vanilla Minecraft Survival, with some extra perks that enhance your experience as well! Some of these include land protection, spaces in the spawn for rent that you can put a shop in, teleportation commands, and more! Read below to find out more about Survival on Nogard.



Some Quick Facts:

  • You can access the Survival menu at any time by typing /survival
  • You are able to claim “chunks” with the /chunk claim command.
  • Each chunk costs $5,000, and the first is free.
  • Regular members get a maximum of 10 chunk claims, ranks V and above get a maximum of 15 chunk claims, and rank X and all Prestige ranks get a maximum of 25 chunk claims.
  • Regular players get 1 /sethome, Wyvern donors get 2, and Dragon donors get 3.


Common Commands:

Setting Your Home:

  • /sethome (name)
  • /home (name)
  • /delhome (name)

Land Claiming:

  • /chunk help
  • /chunk claim
  • /chunk unclaim
  • /chunk allow (player name)
  • /chunk name (name)
  • /chunk alert
  • /chunk show (seconds)
  • /chunk info
  • /chunk list

Shop Renting:

  • /as help
  • /as info (region name)
  • /as rent (region name)
  • /as unrent (region name)
  • /as me
  • /as tp (region name)
  • /as addfriend (player name)
  • /as delfriend (player name)



How to create a cobblestone generator:

How to create a player shop:

  • Place a chest where you want it.
  • Place a sign near or on the chest.
  • Enter the following:
  • Here’s an example of a shop that sells arrows to players for $32 each and buys arrows from players for $16 each:
  • If you’re selling, place your items in you chest, and make sure to keep it restocked

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Jul 3, 2019 at 4:38PM