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Survival Information

In Survival on Nogard, you can enjoy all of the great features that come with Vanilla Minecraft Survival as well as additional features to enhance your experience. Claim land, build a base, complete quests, explore different worlds, create shops, and much more! Read below to find out more about Survival on Nogard.


When you first spawn in Survival, you’ll receive a starting kit that comes with a book of helpful information. Hang on to that book for a quick reference to everything that’s new in the 1.16 version of Survival on Nogard! You can use the command /survival at any time for a menu with helpful information and quick access to commands and shortcuts to different areas of the Survival server. To teleport to a random location in the wild, use the portal located in the spawn with the hologram titled “Random Teleport”.


Chunk Claiming

Claim your land to protect it from being griefed by others by using the command /chunk claim. This claims the entire chunk that the player is currently standing in, which is 16 blocks wide, 16 blocks long, and 256 blocks tall. The first 5 chunks are free to claim, and all following chunk claims cost $100 in-game cash. Each player can have a maximum of 50 chunk claims. To view other claiming commands, use /chunk help.

How many chunk claims do players get?

  • Default: 20

  • Wyrm rank: 30

  • Wyvern rank: 40

  • Hydra rank: 50


Setting Homes

Set your home using /sethome (home name) so you are able to save any location and come back to it later! Simply use /home (home name) to return to the location you save. If you wish to delete one of your set homes, use /delhome (home name).

How many homes do players get?

  • Default: 2

  • Wyrm rank: 3

  • Wyvern rank: 4

  • Hydra rank: 5




Nogard Survival uses regular money as currency. Money can be spent purchasing items at player shops or renting player shops. To gain some income, you can complete achievements, create or sell to player shops, vote for the network, or claim daily rewards.



Be sure to visit the Market in the Survival spawn by clicking the shortcut in your /survival menu! You can visit shops made by other players in the market and buy or sell items from them. To buy from a shop, right click a sign with an “B” on it. To sell, left click a sign with a “S” on it with the relevant item in your inventory.

You can even make your own shop by clicking on the sign of a shop that is up for rent! The rent cost of each shop is listed on the sign. Shops cost $1 per square meter of floor space inside the shop for each week of rent. Be sure to keep up to date with your payments by clicking on the sign every week, or your shop will be cleared. You can get ahead with your payments by clicking on the sign for your shop multiple times to pay up to a maximum of 3 months in advance. You can use the following format for creating chest shops:

Here’s an example of a shop using my username that sells arrows to players for $32 each and buys arrows from players for $16 each:

If you’re selling, ensure to keep your chests well-stocked with the item that you are selling in each chest. 

How many shops can players rent?

  • Regular player: 1

  • Wyvern rank: 2

  • Hydra rank: 3

To unrent a shop, first clear out all of your belongings, and then simply shift and right-click on the sign of your market. To have quick access to your shops at any time, type /market. To view other available shop commands, type /arm help.



Use the /achievements command to see what kinds of extra achievements you are able to complete on Nogard Survival in addition to the default Minecraft achievements! These are specific tasks that you can complete, such as mining specific blocks or breeding a certain amount of mobs. Complete achievements to receive rewards such as money, experience, and items. Compete with other players to complete the most achievements, and track your ranking with /aach top. There are over 100 unique achievements that players can complete. Can you complete them all?


Donator Perks

For a full list of Survival donator perks, please see our server store or type /buy in-game. Locate the “Ranks” category, click on any rank you are interested in learning more about, and scroll down to the “Survival” section to see Survival perks. Some perks include personal vaults, portable crafting tables, additional voting rewards, monthly rewards, additional chunk claims, additional homes, cosmetic commands, and more.


We hope you enjoy Nogard Survival 1.16!

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