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Open Christmas Presents on Nogard, Prison AutoSell, Other Update


Merry Christmas! Be sure to join Nogard on Christmas day to open your presents to receive prizes in different servers on the network. This will become available on Christmas morning around 8am EST. To open your presents, simply join the Lobby server, hop down behind Toby the Wolf where the hologram is, and find your presents. Click each of the presents until you find one that gives you a gift, and that is how you know it is yours. Hope you enjoy!



Here are some minor updates that have been made to the server recently:


  • Fixed kits not checking for cooldowns or full inventories
  • Increased percentage of receiving spawn eggs from the Hoard Crate
  • Added plugin to bypass the night when a certain percentage of players are sleeping (same plugin as Survival)
  • Decreased costs of items in the shop
  • Fixed votes not giving prizes
  • Fixed the biome of nether and end islands which prevented the basalt generator from working
  • Added basalt generator tutorial in spawn
  • Decrease biome prices
  • Change prices of some items in the shop
  • Added stone and redstone dust to the shop
  • Increased the default team size to 3


  • A custom AutoSell plugin has been added to Prison! For anybody with the Wyvern or Hydra rank, simple type /autosell enable to enable it!
  • Added AutoSell vouchers to the Mine and Crimson crate keys for players who do not have donator ranks.
  • Because donators now have AutoSell, regular players now have access to the SellAll command. Rank up to U to receive this command.
  • Fixed many rare enchantments not working on Prison


  • Updated the anticheat to the latest version

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Dec 25, 2020 at 4:55AM