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We're Back Up! Updates in Parkour, the Network Store, and More

Nogard has been offline since January 4th due to a database hardware failure that our host experienced. Unfortunately all permissions for the server were stored on this database and there are no backups. I have spent a few days manually recreating all ranks. Thankfully, using some Python and AutoHotKey scripts, I was able to salvage all of the permissions using past logs stored for the server.

Here is what was lost and then re-created:

  • All donated permissions and ranks
  • Prison ranks
  • Tags
  • Lobby gadgets

We're extremely sorry about this inconvenience, but now Nogard is back to where it was before and no data was lost. We are now back up as of January 11th after 7 days of downtime. We plan on moving hosts soon and of course taking backups of the database. In the meantime, if your prison rank has been incorrectly set or if you feel you are missing something, please let us know!


On a lighter note, continue reading for some news about what's new lately.



The Parkour server is under construction and will be completed sometime this month. Keep an eye out for future announcements, and check out the screenshots of the Parkour spawn built by BucketMuncher above and below! Read more about what's coming for Parkour here:

Want to help build some courses for the Parkour server? Please feel free to do so! If a course you build is accepted, you will receive rewards on the server and your course will be featured on the server with your name on it as the creator. There will be a dedicated creative plot world on the Parkour server for building maps that will be accessible with a specific rank. More details about this are coming soon.



You can now purchase a Custom Tag Voucher from our Network Store for $2.99. Purchasing this item will give you a voucher to create a custom tag that you can use on any server on the Nogard network. Click here to view:


In addition to this new item in the store, there is now a way to contribute to pay for the server's monthly bill directly instead of donating. These contributions are much appreciated, as Nogard costs roughly $32 per month before taxes. Click here to donate directly:


Here are some updates that have been made recently to other servers:

  • Added /craft as alias to /workbench in all servers
  • Fixed being unable to place boats on land in Skyblock and Survival
  • Added kelp, pumpkin, melon, crimson fungus, warped fungus, redstone block, diamond block, emerald block, iron block, flint, and fire charge to the Skyblock shop
  • Prevented the cactus, melon, and sugarcane farm challenges from being repeatable in Skyblock
  • Made flower forest, jungle, and river biomes available to all players so they can complete the flower challenge in Skyblock
  • Made desert and warm ocean biomes only accessible to Hydra donator rank in Skyblock
  • Added Soul Sand Valley and Crimson Forest biomes for nether Skyblock islands for all players, Warped Forest biome for Wyvern and Hydra donator ranks, and Basalt Deltas for Hydra donator rank
  • Fixed the autosell disable command not working in Prison
  • Fixed the double jump, fly, and ground pound not working in the Lobby due to conflicts with the new anticheat system.
  • Fixed some error messages to be more informational in all servers when you don't have permissions to the commands.
  • Fixed /heal and /feed cooldowns not working in Survival
  • Fixed /ptime and /pweather commands not accepting arguments
  • Fixed Skybock kit cooldowns not working
  • Added /home and /sethome commands in Skyblock for convenience


Thanks for reading, and hope to see you online soon!

Owner of Nogard. Links: Website | Contact

Jan 11, 2021 at 11:54PM
Edited Jan 11, 2021 at 11:56PM