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Prison Information

Welcome to the new Nether-themed 1.16 Prison update on Nogard. The goal of prison is to mine blocks in the highest level mine that you can and sell them for a profit! When you have enough coins, you can rank up to the next rank. Earn cool prizes through mining and ranking up, buy a kit to compete in the PVP arena, join a gang to work together, create a build in your cell, and much more. Read below to find out more about Prison on Nogard.



When you first spawn in the Prison world, you will receive the starter kit, which you can use to help you get started. The first thing you’ll want to do is visit the mine for your rank, which is the “A” mine. Type /mine to go there. Then simply start mining and walk near the villager next to the mine once your inventory is full. You can learn more about what you can do in Prison by reading below. You can use the command /prison to display a menu to help you get around easier that contains shortcuts to useful information and warps to different areas. This is the main command that you will use to navigate around Prison on Nogard. 



There are 26 ranks on the server, from A to Z. Each rank comes with its own perks and prizes, such as access to new mines, better kits, and more permissions. You can type /rankup to rank up to the next rank when you have enough coins. There are also 3 prestiges: Grunt, Executive, and Boss. Prestiging costs both coins and gems and you must be rank Z in order to prestige. Each time you prestige, you get multiple different perks and prizes, but you are reset to rank A, and each rankup costs more. Type /prestige to move up to the next prestige. You can also type /ranks to view a menu with information of all of the ranks. 



In Nogard Prison, there are many different mines. There is a mine for each rank A through Z where rare blocks have increasingly higher mine compositions the further you go, a mine for each donator rank, a mine for each prestige, and finally a mine in the PVP arena containing rare items. All regular mines reset when there is less than 10% of the mine capacity left or every 4 hours, and the PVP mine resets once every 4 hours. To list all mines, you can type /mines. To visit the mine for your rank, type /mine, and to teleport to a particular mine, type /warp (mine name)

To sell your items, there are various different methods. To start out, you will want to walk near the villager at each mine to sell items. This will sell all blocks in your inventory. Other ways that you can sell items are through the /sell command, which is exclusive for donators, through player cell shops, and through sell wands (see below).



Making Tools

All players start out at the A mine, which is composed of wood. To start, use your starter tools or craft a pickaxe or other tool using the wood.

There are two different kinds of tools on Nogard Prison: Tools that you craft using items and tools that are "won", such as tools you receive from crates or kits. Tools that are won have certain limitations which crafted tools do not. Tools that are won cannot have their enchantments upgraded (see below), have lower maximum enchantment levels for all enchantments, and cannot be combined or repaired using an anvil. Tools that are crafted do not have any of these limitations. This is to keep things fair because all tools that are won have significantly high enchantment levels.

To enchant your tools, you can use an enchanting table or anvil at /warp workshop. Read more about upgrading your enchantments below.

To repair your tools, use /repair hand or /repair all. Only the Hydra donator rank has access to repairing all items. Here is the breakdown of the costs for the different repair hand tiers:

  • Hydra: 30 experience levels
  • Wyvern: 35 experience levels
  • All others: 40 experience levels



VeinMiner is a feature for the Prison server that is similar to a status effect. The only way to get a VeinMiner voucher is to win it from a crate. The effect lasts for a certain amount of time after you use the voucher.

To use Veinminer, shift while mining to mine veins of blocks. This will destroy multiple of the same kind of block that are close together, enabling you to mine much quicker.


Enchantment Upgrades

This feature is custom coded and completely unique to Nogard! Shift and right click with any tool in your hand to view the enchantment upgrades menu. You are able to spend your gems to upgrade existing enchantments on your tool until you reach the maximum level for each enchantment. You cannot use this feature to gain new enchantments on items. New enchantments must be obtained using methods available in regular Minecraft. Items that are crafted using actual materials have higher maximum enchantment levels than tools that are won, such as tools from crates.


Private Mines

Private mines are mines that can be placed on a cell and can be won from a crate or purchased on the online store. To place a private mine, simply visit your cell, left or right click with your voucher in your hand to preview the placement, and click again to place it. The compositions of private mines cannot be changed at the moment.


Custom Enchants

There are many custom enchants on Nogard’s Prison server. You can read more about them here 



There are two different currencies in Prison on Nogard: Coins and gems. Type /balance, /coins, or /gems to view your balances. You can earn these currencies by mining and selling blocks, claiming rewards, opening crate keys, voting, setting up a shop in your cell, auctioning rare items, and many other ways. Coins are used to rank up, prestige, purchase kits, and much more. Gems are used to purchase rare items, upgrade tool enchantments, prestige, and more. 



Once you reach rank G, you are able to create a Prisoner Cell. You can type /cell to visit your cell or to create a cell if you don’t have one. Prisoner Cells are your own personal space to build in and store your stuff. You can even create a player shop in your cell and set a warp to it so others can visit it! As you rank up, you will receive more perks for your shop, such as permissions to add additional members and home teleports.

To create a warp on your cell, place a sign in the location where you want players to spawn and type [Welcome] on the first line.

If you wish, you can set up your own player shop at any time on your cell. Firstly, create a shop. Keep in mind that players will be visiting your shop and may have access to the rest of your cell if you do not block it off. Next, place chests with signs on them with the following format:


Here’s an example of a shop using my username that sells arrows to players for $32 each and buys arrows from players for $16 each:


Do this for each of the chests that you plan on having in your shop. If you’re selling, ensure to keep your chests well-stocked with the item that you are selling in each chest. You’re done, and your shop has been created!



There are seven different crates on Nogard’s Prison server: Vote Crate, Mine Crate, Rankup Crate, Spawner Crate, Crimson Crate, Warped Crate, and Pickaxe Crate. You can visit them by typing /crates. To preview the prizes, left-click on the crate you wish to preview, and to use crate keys, simply right-click on the crate.

Crate keys can be received in many different ways. Vote Crate Keys can be received by voting, Mine Crate Keys are found randomly while mining and from mining rewards, Rankup Crate Keys are awarded when ranking up and prestiging, Spawner Crate Keys can be purchased at the shop (/shop) and by winning them from other crates, and the remaining crate keys can be received by a small chance when voting or opening other crates, by prestiging, or by purchasing them on the online store.


Vouchers & Items

Sell Wands

Sell Wands are items that are used to sell items for higher prices and more conveniently. To use a Sell Wand, simply place all the items you wish to sell in a chest and click the chest with the wand in your hand to sell all of the items. Sell Wands have varying multipliers, which increase the amount of coins you get from selling items, and uses, which limit the amount of times you can use the wand. Sell Wands can be won from daily rewards, voting, opening crates, and purchasing donator ranks.


Vouchers are items that allow you to receive a certain perk when used. To use a voucher, simply right-click with the item in your hand. Rewards for vouchers include coins, gems, VeinMiner permissions, haste effects, night vision effects, use of the sell all command, and ability to rename an item. Voucher rewards either have a time limit or can only be used once. You can store vouchers that are won for future use if you wish. Vouchers can be won from voting, claiming rewards, receiving mining rewards, ranking up, opening crates, and more.


Gem Shop

Spend your gems on rare items in the Gem Shop! Type /shop to teleport to the shop and browse what items are available. These items can be used to give you an advantage in the PVP arena, to assist you while mining, and to give you other benefits as well.



Complete quests to gain prizes, such as gem bags or crate keys! Quests are tasks such as mining a certain number of blocks, building on your Prison Cell, or slaying mobs and players that you can complete. All quests are repeatable, but some reset sooner than others. You can only start one quest at a time. To start a quest, type /quests, select a category, and click a quest to start it. To stop a quest, follow the same process but right-click on your active quest.



There are various different kits on the server of varying cost, value, and cooldown time. Purchasing kits allows you to mine more efficiently, fight better against other players, and keep your hunger bar up. Type /kits to view a GUI of the kits where you can left-click on the kits to claim or right-click to preview each kit. Certain kits require certain ranks or permissions to claim. Hover over each kit in the menu to view more details.



Use the /auctions command to view a menu where you can see all of the items that are currently for sale or are up for bidding in the auction. You can put your own items up for sale using /auctions sell. Items for sale stay in the auctions for 2 days before expiring. You can also put items up for bidding using /auctions bid. Items up for bidding stay in the auctions for 10 minutes before expiring. If an item expires, it will stay in the /auctions expire menu for 10 days for you to reclaim it. You can use /auctions view (username) to see all listings for a specific user.

How many auction listings do I get at a time?

  • Regular player: 1 bid, 3 sell

  • Wyrm: 2 bid, 4 sell

  • Wyvern: 4 bid, 6 sell

  • Hydra: 9 bid, 11 sell



There are two different kinds of rewards: Mining rewards and timed rewards.

Mining rewards can further be broken into two categories: Mine Crate Keys, which are by chance at a small, random percentage, and mining rewards based on how many blocks you’ve mined. Mine rewards give you coin bags, gem bags, more Mine Crate Keys, and more. You receive mining rewards after you’ve mined 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1m, 10m, and 100m blocks. You also receive a reward for every 5k blocks mined. You can type /blocks to view how many blocks you've mined. Your pickaxe's name also updates automatically with the number as well.

Timed rewards include daily and monthly rewards. You can type /rewards to view the timed rewards in game. Every player has access to the daily and monthly rewards and donators have access to their own additional monthly reward depending on what their donator rank is. Every reward gives a random prize, ranging from coins and gems to free kits, with the monthly rewards giving much rarer prizes than the daily reward.

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