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Parkour Information

The concept behind Parkour on Nogard is quite simple. Just jump from block to block without falling in order to reach the end, where you receive a prize. Although this sounds easy, things can get more difficult than you would think. Browse courses by visiting any of the sign boards corresponding to the level of difficulty that you have access to, and join courses by right-clicking on the “join” signs. Use the /parkour command for a menu with quick access to commonly used resources and warps.



Playing a Course

To join a course, right-click on the “join” sign in the spawn for the course you wish to join. To complete a Parkour course, you need to get to the end. It doesn’t matter how many times you die or how long it takes you, your only objective is to finish.

Each time you step on a pressure plate, it counts for one checkpoint. You must achieve all checkpoints in order to complete a course. Be sure to stay on the blocks when you’re jumping around and avoid falling. If you fall off of the course, such as falling onto the ground or into the void, you will be teleported back to the previous checkpoint you achieved.

While in a course, you will find new items in your hotbar. These items can be helpful if you get stuck. They allow you to teleport to the previous checkpoint you achieved, hide all players from view, restart a course, or leave a course.

Throughout the duration of the course, your timer is displayed in your action bar and the number of deaths you have is displayed as your experience level. When you die in a course and you’re sent back to the start, your timer does not reset. If you wish to reset your timer, you must use the reset tool in your hotbar.

If you wish to bring items into a course, such as potions, place them in an ender chest in the spawn area before joining a course. While in a course, you can take the items out of your ender chest and use them. If you do not use the items, be sure to put them back in the ender chest before leaving or else the items will disappear.

If you leave the server while in a course, you will be kicked from the course and your progress will be reset.



The parkour courses on Nogard are categorized into 6 different categories from least to most difficult: Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Insane. The courses are organized into each of these levels depending on the difficulty of the course. The courses for each level are displayed on boards in the spawn, where you can join each course and view the top players in the leaderboard for each course as well. Players start out with access to the Beginner level only and unlock more levels as they rank up on the server. Read more about this in the Ranks section below.



You will receive a prize upon completing a course no matter how many times you’ve completed it before. The most common prize is coins. The prizes become increasingly better as you play courses in harder levels. 



Ranks on Parkour are pirate ship themed. They are as follows: Swab, Cabin Boy, Rigger, Deckhand, Cook, Navigator, Boatswain, Third Mate, Second Mate, First Mate, Quartermaster, and Captain. Rank-up using /rankup when you have enough coins to gain more perks and prizes such as access to more difficult levels, access to your own creative plot to build parkour courses, coins, potions, and rare items. You can view a menu with details about each rank such as cost and perks using /ranks



Be sure to visit the Parkour shop to spend some of your hard-earned coins. The shop contains items to give you an advantage in the courses, such as potions.

If you wish to bring items you’ve purchased into a course, place them in an ender chest in the spawn area before joining a course. While in a course, you can take the items out of your ender chest and use them. 



Building Courses

Most courses on Nogard are built by other players. If you want to build your very own course and have it featured on the Nogard Parkour server, you very well can! Once you reach the Deckhand rank, use /plot auto to create a plot. Use any items you wish to build your course. The requirements are that the course has a proper start and finish, has to be possible to complete, can contain 0 or more checkpoints, and has to have some way for the players to die if they fall off of the course. You don’t need to worry about setting up the course, all you need to do is build it. After your course is completed, use the /submit command to submit your plot for review. Please do not use /plot submit, as we will not see the submission. You cannot retract a submission, so be sure your course is complete before submitting. However, you can submit unlimited times after we review a plot. Accepted submissions will receive substantial rewards in-game, such as coins and rare items. When a submitted course is accepted, the name of the creator of each course is indicated to give the player proper credit. 

You can still visit the creative plot world even if you do not have the Deckhand rank. You just can’t build anything yet. Interact with player-built courses on plots that you like by using /plot comment and /plot rate. Remember that plot owners can view these.

Other plot commands can be found here: 


Weekly Events

Participate in Danny the Bunny's events! Each week, Danny places one secret block in a random Parkour course. Figure out where this block is and right-click on it to receive a prize!

You can only claim the reward for each event once. We won't watch closely for players that do this, but we ask you to please not share the location of weekly events with other players. We want this to be a equal chance for all players to have fun with this and to receive a prize for finding it fairly.



Try challenging your friends to see who can beat a course the fastest! Use /challenge to create a challenge for any course at a specified wager. After your challenge is created, use /invite to invite players to the challenge.



Vote for rewards in all Nogard servers by typing /vote or visiting Parkour vote rewards are listed at the link provided.



Visit Danny the Bunny in the Parkour spawn or type /rewards to daily and monthly rewards. Each reward gives you a randomized prize, including coins, potions, rare items, and more. The default monthly reward is unlocked when the Navigator rank is achieved. 



Donator Perks

For a full list of Parkour donator perks, please see or type /buy in-game. Locate the “Ranks” category, click on any rank you are interested in learning more about, and scroll down to the “Parkour” section to see Parkour perks. Some perks include monthly rewards, spawn fly, setting your time, additional creative plots, night vision toggle command, instant heal, player vaults, and more.




Nogard uses the popular Parkour plugin seen here: Thanks to the developer for continued support of the plugin that Nogard has been using since 2016.

Owner of Nogard. Links: Website | Contact

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