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Parkour Information

Parkour for 1.16 has not been released yet. The information below was for Parkour for 1.12.


Parkour on Nogard is the same as parkour on any other Minecraft server – Jump from block to block without falling in order to reach the end, where you receive a prize! You can join a map by clicking on its icon in the menus. Most courses on Nogard are built by other players, but some were built by the Nogard staff team. Each time you step on a pressure plate, it counts for a checkpoint, and if you were to fall any time after getting that checkpoint, you would be teleported back there instead of being sent back to the start. You must achieve all checkpoints in order to complete a course. Try challenging your friends to see who can beat a course the fastest, or try and work together on completing a map!




The parkour courses on Nogard are categorized into 6 different sections, and these are Noob, Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, and Insane. The easiest courses are in the Noob section, and the hardest are in the Insane section. The Master section is only available to ranks V and above, and the Insane section is only available to rank X.



Each course gives you a different prize, and these prizes go from lower to higher as you move from the Noob section to the Insane section. All prizes are given in in-game server cash and can be seen by hovering over the courses in the menus.



  • /pa join (course)
  • /pa cmds
  • /pa list courses
  • /pa leave


Also, if you’re looking for a way to make money on the server and you enjoy building, consider building a parkour map for Nogard! If you build a map on your plot in the creative plots and submit it for review, it could be added as an official course, and you’ll receive a cash prize for your efforts! Please remember to use stone pressure plates for the checkpoints and a diamond block for the end point. The other blocks can be anything you want, but try and have the blocks that send players back to their last checkpoint as being different than the rest.

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