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Top Voters & Minor Changes July 2021

Here are the top voters for the month of July, 2021:

  1. BucketMuncher
  2. littlefighter126
  3. ToothyCannon360

Thanks so much for voting, and hope you enjoy your prizes!



Here are some minor changes that were made during this past month:

  • You can now join all servers using 1.17.1 clients. 
  • Added Community Chests to Prison right outside the Workshop (/workshop). Dispose of items you don't need here to give new players a head start! (Thanks BucketMuncher for the idea)
  • Prevented chests and barrels from being accessed in the Prison Workshop (Thanks BucketMuncher for the idea)
  • Fixed wrong textures for dropped items when joining using a 1.17 client (Thanks PandaGroot7 and Blockplacer12345 for reporting)
  • Fixed no message being shown when receiving items or experience from vote or timed rewards in Survival and Prison (Thanks BucketMuncher for reporting)
  • Fixed queued vote prizes sometimes not processing (Thanks BucketMuncher for reporting)
  • Updated the hologram plugin and the plugin that supports these to the latest versions on all servers to fix incompatibilities
  • Fixed stone not being a valid item to sell in Prison

Updates have been a bit slow, but that's because we've been focused on the 1.18 update.

Hope to see you online soon!

Owner of Nogard. Links: Website | Contact

Aug 1, 2021 at 3:37AM