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August 2021 Updates & Top Voters

Hi there! With Summer now coming to a close, we're patiently awaiting the announcement of the Minecraft 1.18 release date. Until then, Nogard will receive small updates and bug fixes. 

Here's the top voters of the month of August, 2021:

  1. MeowKing5
  2. Duskss and xGlitchtrapx
  3. BucketMuncher

Hope you enjoy your prizes! Thanks so much for voting to support the server and attract new players.


Here's some small updates that have been made throughout the past month:

  • Added Personal Vault alias commands in Parkour (/pv, /pvault, /vault, /privatevault)
  • Fixed the website contact form not working
  • Changed the cooldown for /condense from 30 minutes to 5 minutes in Prison


Please stay tuned for more announcements for our 1.18 update, which will come shortly after the Minecraft 1.18 release date is announced. Hope to see you online soon!

Owner of Nogard. Links: Website | Contact

Sep 1, 2021 at 4:05AM