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    Overall thought is to add more options to the store, while also giving the incentive to rankup. Currently in higher levels of skyblock, your building block options are limited.

    I vision it being setup, one of two ways:

    1- Each rank unlocks a new area/ floor with extra items that you can buy
    2- All items are shown in the store but you need a certain rank to use the buy sign.

    It’s hard to spread the items out over 10 levels but I was thinking something like:
    I- All essential items which are needed to play if you don’t want to participate in ranking: Cobblestone, dirt, sand, basic farming etc
    II- Nether items & Rare Ores
    III- Basic Spawn eggs: cows, pigs, skele, zombie etc
    IV- Premade potions & golden carrots, apples: Weakness, swiftness (For turning zombie villagers etc)
    V- Unique building blocks: granite, clays, obby, sandstones, mossy
    VI- Uncommon spawn eggs- Witch, blaze, zombie pigman, turtles, wolves etc
    VII- End items
    VIII- Hard/ Unobtainable skyblock items- Saddle, hardened clay, terracotta etc
    IX- Basic Mob Spawners: passive mobs + zombie skele etc
    X- Rare mob spawners: Blaze, pigmen, witch etc

    You can always add manufactured items throughout, which save time rather then grinding for them on your island.

    For donors: I would have rare and important items at a discounted rate plus maybe a few mob heads, dragon eggs etc avaiable. Adds awesome flavour without too much PTW.


    All feedback welcome!!



    Hey campbellclan! Nice to see ya on here 🙂

    These are some great suggestions! I remember you mentioning something like this to me on the server, and I have it on my todo list for Nogard. It’s great to see all of your ideas written out, it gives me a good idea of how people who would actually be using the store want it structured.

    I feel like 10 separate sections might get a little confusing for new players… Perhaps sectioning it into fewer sections might be less confusing? I dunno, just a thought, maybe it wouldn’t be confusing! If we did end up having that many sections, I could make a menu GUI for each section of the store so higher-leveled players wouldn’t have to worry about traveling a long distance to get to the back of the store just to get to their section.

    I’ll talk it over with the staff and we’ll start working on it here soon. If you have any other suggestions feel free to let me know, I love hearing players’ opinions!! Thanks so much for posting this, I appreciate it!

    Leafeons/meowsome, owner of Nogard



    Thanks for your reply!

    I agree that it would be too much spead over ten levels.
    You could easily condense it.

    That’s a good point about travel time. You wouldn’t want it to be painful getting around.

    Let me know if you need me to help with seperating the items,once you know how many catergories.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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