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    Hello Leafeons!

    ~ My in-game name: SuperMatio3
    ~ How long have I played on the server: more than 14 h

    ~ How old am I:  I am almost 12       7 February
    ~ Have I had any experience with this in the past: no~ Anything else that you deem necessary:  I love helping small servers so they can become bigger and better, I also like to help players that need help or to punish those who don’t go by the rules, and those who do not respect them enough. In real life I am a normal boy named Tajewan who swims for a club in Midwest City, and filling my time with going and helping servers every day. I am an active player that plays minecraft daily and if I will be accepted I will be much much more active on this server than the other ones. Of course when I can I will donate some money to the server so it can grow. I can play on your server at least 3 hours a day so I will be preety active, I will vote for it and ~I WILL NEVER ABUSE OR GRIEF~ the server. I will take this job very seriously and integrate with the rest of staff as quickly as possible.

    ~ Thank you for your time!




    Thank you for your application! I appreciate your desire to help out the server, however I don’t think you’d make a good fit for our team. Sorry to disappoint you, but we still hope to see you online from time to time!

    Leafeons/meowsome, owner of Nogard

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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