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1.14 Support & Bug Fixes

Apr 26, 2019 • meowsome No comments

Good evening!

Nogard now supports players with Minecraft version 1.14 to join! It will be a little buggy for them, and items such as doors, glass panes, fences, and more may not work properly. There’s nothing I can do about the bugs at the moment, but if you really wish to join using 1.14, the option is there! Nogard still runs 1.12 in its core, so you will only be able to use blocks or animals or such from 1.12.

Here are some other updates that were added recently:

  • There’s a new Parkour lobby (Pictured above), built by BucketMuncher! Go check it out!
  • Fixed the voting website not working.
  • The announcement for new players joining was fixed.
  • Nether portal teleportation in Survival was fixed.
  • End portal teleportation in Survival was hopefully fixed.
  • Two new rules were added to the server:
    • Rented player shops in Survival may only be used for shops.
    • Griefing someone else’s build or stealing someone else’s stuff in Survival could be ban-able.
  • A small bug on the Oak parkour course was fixed.
  • The Staff Applications forum has been reorganized to clear the main forum of already reviewed staff applications.

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