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New Donator Rank, Survival Updates, & More

May 3, 2019 • meowsome No comments

Good morning!

There is now a new donator rank on Nogard: Wyrm! It’s $5, and comes with less perks than the other two ranks, but it does have some basic features that the others have! Check it out by visiting our store. Also, the “Dragon” rank was renamed to “Hydra” to fit with the theme of our donator ranks, which are names of dragon species.

The Survival chunk claiming plugin received an update, and now has some new features thanks to the developer! Here are the new features:

  • Multiple bug fixes.
  • Pvp is now disabled inside of chunks.
  • Regular players still have 10 claims max, but now the V rank and above get 15, and the X rank and above get 25. (COMING SOON, NOT WORKING AT THE MOMENT)
  • There’s now a command to unclaim all your chunks at once.
  • You can list all of the chunks you own for the world you’re in with /chunk list

Also, here are some other updates:

  • The hologram and hover text for the amount of players in the Survival world now incorporate the nether and the end too.
  • The Wyvern and Hydra mines have been slightly nerfed.
  • The Skyblock challenges have been updated slightly to allow for up to 100 repetitions instead of 1.

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