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Prison Donor Club Updates & More

Aug 8, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Hello! Here is a list of updates that were added today:

  • Added new donor perks in Prison!
    • Added a Wyvern donor mine and a Dragon donor mine, which contain the same blocks as all the other mines to comply with the EULA, but rarer blocks appear in a higher percentage. You can get to these mines by going to the Donor Club in the prison, or by using the menus (/mines).
    • Added beacons near the Donor Club which give Haste I to donors when they are mining in the donor mines.
  • Added the radio plugin back to the server! You can use it exactly like it was before, but it no longer starts up automatically for all players upon joining the server. Access it using the /prefs menu (Chest item in hub hotbar), or by using /music and /radio.
  • Added the Pokécord bot to the Discord server upon request. Have fun spamming the bots channel.
  • Added a “Retired Staff” tag to the Discord server for retired staff members.
  • Added back some shortcuts to the website (such as and because I forgot to add them with the website update.
  • All players now have access to the /seen command, which shows when a player was last seen, and if the player is banned, a reason for the ban.
  • Removed the Minecraft Forum vote link because they shut down their voting services.
  • Removed a large lag machine on a plot and the following players were permanently banned and IP banned: GayBoi1, GayBoi2, GayBoi3, GayBoi4, 7FishSwimming, and Cutter035.
  • Fixed an issue with the old hub maps under the hub area disappearing.
  • Fixed a few weird plots that didn’t have an owner but were un-claimable.
  • Fixed an issue with lilypads not killing the player in the Swamp parkour course.

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