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Small Skyblock & Prison Updates

Jan 3, 2019 • meowsome No comments


Both Skyblock and Prison have received minor updates in the first few days of this year! You can see them below:


  • Players now have the ability to change their island’s settings by using the command /is settings. This command is useful for if you want to allow or prevent visitors to your island to be able to perform certain things, such as using doors.
  • All the Skyblock challenges have been revamped! Most previously existing challenges have had their rewards changed drastically, and some have had their requirements changed as well! There are even a few new challenges for you to check out, too! If you’ve already completed all the challenges, you won’t lose any progress. Type /challenges in-game to check them out!


  • All of the Prison mines (I-X) have had their block compositions altered. Each of the mines now has a slightly better yield when you sell your blocks, so it should be easier for new players to start out and for current players to rank up! Be sure to check out the mines sometime to see how they’ve changed!
  • A few bugs were fixed, including one where the Haste II from the Dragon mine was accessible from the I mine, and one where there was a bedrock block missing from the border of the I mine.

Also, you can expect some changes to come soon! Do I smell some new donor perks and a survival game-mode coming soon? 👀

As always, be sure to report any bugs you find to staff. We hope to see you on soon!

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