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Some Small Updates

Nov 13, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Good evening! Here are some things that were changed recently.

  • The “About” page received an overhaul, and now contains way more useful information than before. It’s intended to better introduce new players to the server while also serving as a reference guide for common commands and such. Check it out if you ever get stuck with something!
  • The tab list and the name tags above players now show purchased tags, donor ranks, in-game ranks, your nickname color if set, and your AFK status if on. Also, the tab list menu should no longer have errors counting the amount of players on the server.
  • Visitors to your Skyblock island no longer have the ability to use doors, trapdoors, fence doors, pressure plates, furnaces, enchanting tables, and other items of the sort. This is to prevent unwanted access.
  • The limit for hoppers and droppers in Skyblock has been more than doubled.
  • The issue in 1.13 where typing too fast would result in a kick for spamming has been fixed!
  • Also in 1.13, the auto-complete command feature while typing a command has been disabled to prevent snooping around in the plugins.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you online soon!

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