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Updates & Contest Scoring Information

Sep 14, 2018 • meowsome 2 comments

Here are some quick things that have been changed recently…

  • We had to say goodbye to another staff member, WickBubble, who requested to have his staff permissions removed. We loved having you here at Nogard, and we’re gonna miss you!!
  • Changed the name of the “Helper” rank to “Moderator” because it looks cooler 😎 and it makes more sense
  • Added back the top monthly voter leaderboard to the hub

Also, please note that the Autumn Build Contest is no longer open for submissions! You can view and comment on the submissions here, but you can’t upload any new ones. The submissions will be reviewed and scored throughout the course of this weekend and this upcoming week, and the winners will be announced sometimes soon. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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    what scoring information

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