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Some Small Updates

Nov 13, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Good evening! Here are some things that were changed recently.

  • The “About” page received an overhaul, and now contains way more useful information than before. It’s intended to better introduce new players to the server while also serving as a reference guide for common commands and such. Check it out if you ever get stuck with something!
  • The tab list and the name tags above players now show purchased tags, donor ranks, in-game ranks, your nickname color if set, and your AFK status if on. Also, the tab list menu should no longer have errors counting the amount of players on the server.
  • Visitors to your Skyblock island no longer have the ability to use doors, trapdoors, fence doors, pressure plates, furnaces, enchanting tables, and other items of the sort. This is to prevent unwanted access.
  • The limit for hoppers and droppers in Skyblock has been more than doubled.
  • The issue in 1.13 where typing too fast would result in a kick for spamming has been fixed!
  • Also in 1.13, the auto-complete command feature while typing a command has been disabled to prevent snooping around in the plugins.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you online soon!

October 2018 Top Voters

Oct 31, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Here are the top voters for the month of October, 2018:

  1. thewolf1551
  2. yasomiy
  3. TokiKG

Thanks so much for voting, it’s much appreciated and slowly but surely helps the server grow! Enjoy your prizes 😄

1.13.2 Support, Website Updates, & Downtime

Oct 22, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Good evening,

Nogard now supports Minecraft version 1.13.2! There are some bugs that still persist, such as fences and doors not working properly and random spam kicking occurring, and unfortunately these can’t be fixed anytime soon. Nonetheless, you can now join Nogard anywhere between Minecraft 1.12 and 1.13.2 with minimal errors!

Here are some updates that were added to the Nogard website recently:

  • Added some pagination buttons on the bottom of the news feed / home page.
  • Added a “Read More” button at the bottom right of each news post so the user has something pretty to click on.
  • Added the IP to the header of the mobile site so users know what the IP is.
  • Added a tiny bit of space around user icons so they aren’t squished next to the display name
  • Added a massive red bar at the top of the website above the header that appears whenever the server is offline and is hidden at all other times. Now you’ll be able to know whether or not the server is down by visiting any page on the site!

In other news, over the course of around 14 hours between October 22nd and 23rd, Nogard experienced some downtime. This was due to Nogard’s host having some automatic updates firing too early and triggering errors, and was completely out of my control. This should be fixed now, and no data was lost.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you on again soon!

“Campfire Madness” Hunger Games Map

Oct 11, 2018 • meowsome No comments

We have a new Hunger Games map called Campfire Madness, and it’s built by GamingLikeSean! It’s not quite as big as the other tow maps, which would make it perfect for shorter games or games where you don’t have as many people! Check it out today by hopping in the Minigames portal, clicking on Hunger Games, and then selecting the third option.

September Top Voters

Sep 30, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Here are the top voters for September, 2018:

  1. KeroSane
  2. TuckerBoo
  3. BucketMuncher

Thanks so much for voting! Please consider voting during the month of October if you’d like, because it helps the server grow, gives you small prizes, and could help you win a bigger prize if you get into the top 3.

Autumn Contest Results

Sep 20, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Good evening!

Although I was hoping for more contest submissions, the ones that were submitted looked amazing, and I’m excited to announce the winners! Here are the winners of the contest:

3rd Place: “Autumn Leaves” by TuckerBoo

I really dig the colors in this map, and I feel like it’ll be really fun to play on! TuckerBoo left it up to me to decide what game this map goes to, and I believe it’ll make a wonderful Paintball map. Be sure to try this one out!

3rd Place Prizes:
  • $10,000 in-game cash


2nd Place: “Fall” by Mzra

This map has a lot of beautiful intricate detail, and it will make for a perfect “Hard” level parkour course. It has somewhat more of a springtime vibe rather than fall, but it’ll do just fine. Be sure to go challenge yourself sometime and try out this short yet surprisingly difficult course!

2nd Place Prizes:
  • $25,000 in-game cash


1st Place: “Nature in Autumn” by howlongismyname & PokeyPro

While exploring this map, I found it was very easy to navigate around, but it provided for what will be a really fun experience while playing Paintball! The big tree in the center creates the perfect obstacle to hide from your friends behind, and I can’t wait to play on this map! It’s got a perfect blend of both simplicity and detail.

1st Place Prizes:
  • $50,000 in-game cash
  • $5 voucher for the Buycraft store
  • A special tag on the server and the Discord server


Other Minor Updates

  • /is level has been fixed


Congrats to the winners, and hope to see you on soon!

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