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“Campfire Madness” Hunger Games Map

Oct 11, 2018 • meowsome No comments

We have a new Hunger Games map called Campfire Madness, and it’s built by GamingLikeSean! It’s not quite as big as the other tow maps, which would make it perfect for shorter games or games where you don’t have as many people! Check it out today by hopping in the Minigames portal, clicking on Hunger Games, and then selecting the third option.

September Top Voters

Sep 30, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Here are the top voters for September, 2018:

  1. KeroSane
  2. TuckerBoo
  3. BucketMuncher

Thanks so much for voting! Please consider voting during the month of October if you’d like, because it helps the server grow, gives you small prizes, and could help you win a bigger prize if you get into the top 3.

Autumn Contest Results

Sep 20, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Good evening!

Although I was hoping for more contest submissions, the ones that were submitted looked amazing, and I’m excited to announce the winners! Here are the winners of the contest:

3rd Place: “Autumn Leaves” by TuckerBoo

I really dig the colors in this map, and I feel like it’ll be really fun to play on! TuckerBoo left it up to me to decide what game this map goes to, and I believe it’ll make a wonderful Paintball map. Be sure to try this one out!

3rd Place Prizes:
  • $10,000 in-game cash


2nd Place: “Fall” by Mzra

This map has a lot of beautiful intricate detail, and it will make for a perfect “Hard” level parkour course. It has somewhat more of a springtime vibe rather than fall, but it’ll do just fine. Be sure to go challenge yourself sometime and try out this short yet surprisingly difficult course!

2nd Place Prizes:
  • $25,000 in-game cash


1st Place: “Nature in Autumn” by howlongismyname & PokeyPro

While exploring this map, I found it was very easy to navigate around, but it provided for what will be a really fun experience while playing Paintball! The big tree in the center creates the perfect obstacle to hide from your friends behind, and I can’t wait to play on this map! It’s got a perfect blend of both simplicity and detail.

1st Place Prizes:
  • $50,000 in-game cash
  • $5 voucher for the Buycraft store
  • A special tag on the server and the Discord server


Other Minor Updates

  • /is levelĀ has been fixed


Congrats to the winners, and hope to see you on soon!

Updates & Contest Scoring Information

Sep 14, 2018 • meowsome 2 comments

Here are some quick things that have been changed recently…

  • We had to say goodbye to another staff member, WickBubble, who requested to have his staff permissions removed. We loved having you here at Nogard, and we’re gonna miss you!!
  • Changed the name of the “Helper” rank to “Moderator” because it looks cooler šŸ˜ŽĀ and it makes more sense
  • Added back the top monthly voter leaderboard to the hub

Also, please note that the Autumn Build Contest is no longer open for submissions! You can view and comment on the submissions here, but you can’t upload any new ones. The submissions will be reviewed and scored throughout the course of this weekend and this upcoming week, and the winners will be announced sometimes soon. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Labor Day Weekend Building Contest Guidelines & Information

Sep 1, 2018 • meowsome 2 comments

Update:Ā The contest deadline has been extended to next Friday, Sep 14. Be sure to get your submissions in by then!

Good afternoon,

As some of you know already, I’ve been planning to host a building contest on Nogard this weekend for a little while now, but I’ve kept the details a secret. However, now that the Labor Day weekend has come, it’s time for the contest! Below, you’ll find all the information you need to know about the contest.



The theme of this building contest is, suitably, “Autumn”



The contest will run from Saturday, September 1st through Friday, September 7th at midnight (11:59pm on Friday) EDT. Late submissions will not be accepted, sorry!



  • Must be a map that could potentially be used on the server (Parkour, minigames, etc.)
  • No inappropriate builds (Includes no harassment, discrimination, making fun of, etc.)
  • Goes along with the given theme
  • Is built in and fits on a single plot in the Plot world
  • You may work with others
  • You may use world edit if you are a donor, but only in moderation (don’t go crazy with it)
  • You may create only one submission. If you helped somebody with their build, you may not submit another.



To submit your map, please create a new thread in the Contest Submissions Forum with the following information:

  • Map name
  • List of creators
  • Location (Whose plot is it on?)
  • Intended game (What game on the server is it for?)
  • Course difficulty (For parkour courses only)
  • Description (Optional)
  • Screenshots (Optional)
  • Any other relevant information!



During the weekend after the contest, the courses will be scored and ranked by the staff members. There are prizes for the top three winners, who will be announced sometime the week following the contest.Ā  The prizes are as follows

  • 1st Place: $5 voucher for the Buycraft store, $50,000 in-game cash, a special tag on the server, a special role on the Discord
  • 2nd Place: $25,000 in-game cash
  • 3rd Place: $10,000 in-game cash

If you work with others, the prize will the split evenly amongst the creators.


Good luck with your build, and have fun! I’m looking forwards to seeing all of the submissions!

August Top Voters

Aug 31, 2018 • meowsome No comments

Good evening. Here are the top voters for the month of August:

  1. BucketMuncher
  2. Imerge
  3. CougarPVP

Thank you so much for voting! Keep in mind that whenever you vote, it gives you prizes on the server, makes the server look better, and if you are one of the top three voters each month, you’ll receive an in-game cash prize!

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