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We're happy to announce that Nogard is now a completely anarchy server! Go wild and destroy everything!


Haha, just kidding! April fools! 😁


For real though, here are the top voters for March, 2021:

  1. BlockPlacer12345
  2. Craetoes
  3. littlefighter126

Enjoy your prizes!


And here are some updates that have been made recently:


  • Upgraded the server from 3gb to 4gb to prevent crashes due to running out of memory. 


  • Fixed mobs course lava making impossible jumps again
  • Fixed ruins course water making impossible jumps again


  • Fixed the anticheat preventing tilling dirt and stripping logs
  • Fixed players being able to break paintings in lounges
  • Prevent flying in the PVP arena


  • Prevent flying in the PVP arena


  • Prevent flying in the PVP arena


Hope to see you online soon!


Thanks for your application! This one has much more detail than your past one, and I like what you've included.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to deny your application another time. While this is an improvement over your last application, I'm still not absolutely convinced that you would make a good fit for our team. In applications, I look especially for evidence of consistent community involvement and empathy towards players to give them a chance instead of simply handing out punishments.

Your feedback about the server is also appreciated. I don't really know what you mean by ranking up in Skyblock because there aren't any ranks. Are you referring to your level?

I appreciate your and xKwm1 and all your other friends' dedication to the server, I'm glad to see that you all have stayed with Nogard for so long and keep coming back. You said that this is the last time that you are applying, but I hope that isn't the case! I hope to see another application from you in the future.

Thanks again!

Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce that we have a new Moderator on the Nogard team, CrabANiceGame!  It's been a long time since we brought on a new staff member, so this is pretty exciting. Bringing his knowledge from running his own server, he'll be able to help out new players on Nogard and make them feel welcomed. He'll be able to handle issues that happen when staff members in America are unavailable since he lives in Europe. We look forward to seeing what CrabANiceGame can do for the Nogard community!

If you would like to make a moderator application, please make an account on our website and make a new post here: Please feel free to make as many applications as you want even if I denied you before multiple times. 

Hey there,

I'm really sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was thinking about your application for a while, and then this past week things have gotten insanely busy, I haven't gotten around to doing much. 

Based on your application and dedication to the network, I'm considering you for being a moderator on Nogard. I haven't accepted any new moderators for a few years, so this is a big responsibility. I just had a few questions I wanted to ask you first.

I've sent you a reply on your Discord with these questions. I look forward to hearing your responses! 

Hello, hope everybody is doing well! It hasn't been long since our last update, but there have been a lot of updates since then. 


New Parkour Course

We have a new hard Parkour course called "Sky's the Limit" by Blockplacer12345 with WorldEdit help from CrabANiceGame. The goal of this course is in an end ship where you normally find the elytra. We hope you enjoy it!


Top Voters

Here are the top voters for the month of February, 2021:

  1. BlockPlacer12345
  2. toastsss
  3. Anknarr

Thanks for voting, hope you guys enjoy your prizes!


Various Updates

In addition to this, here are various miscellaneous updates that have been made:

All Servers

  • Fixed the error where custom items were not given if the player's inventory was full. They are now dropped at the player's feet.
  • Fixed voting not working on


  • Added the following items to the gem shop: Dirt, chorus flower, beetroot seeds, pumpkin, melon, cactus, bamboo, potato, and carrot (replaced golden carrot with carrot)
  • Changed the price of nether wart from 3 to 13 gems
  • Fixed the bug where "damage inflicted" Quest went above the required value.
  • Updated the anticheat configuration to prevent players from being kicked while placing blocks on a Cell
  • Fixed a bug where mob spawners did not work in cells (Thanks Blockplacer12345 for pointing this out)
  • Fixed private mines not working correctly. The issue was that the wrong import was used for checking if the mine was being placed within the bounds of the cell. (Thanks LittleFighter for pointing this out)
  • Fixed ranking up when prestige not working due to a bug caused by the permissions database wipe (Thanks Mzra for pointing this out)
  • You ca now see both prestige name and rank name at the same time in tab, chat, and above your head. 
  • Added grass to the Builder kit (Thanks Blockplacer12345 for the suggestion)


  • Added a confirmation message to the /submit command that requires the player to retype the command within 30 seconds to actually submit the plot. 
  • Fixed a bug where players could use personal vaults to take items to the plot world and duplicate them. (Thanks CrabANiceGame for pointing this out)
  • Fixed the "Mobs" Parkour course having some impossible jumps over lava
  • Moved the difficulties of multiple Parkour courses
    • Moved Pokeball from hard to medium
    • Moved Escape from medium to hard
    • Moved Ruins from expert to insane
    • Moved Swamp from hard to expert


Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you online soon!