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Hello all! Today, from 12pm to 3pm EST, there will be a "Labor Day" party on Nogard! During this time, vote rewards will be doubled, so if you'd like some extra cash and prizes on the server, be sure to vote. There may even be some free crate keys involved.

Also, the long-awaited new Skyblock Store will finally be released today during the party. This new store features a different, more organized layout, new items with new prices, and bulk sell signs. It's built by BucketMuncher, and we both hope that you enjoy it! If you have any feedback about the store, feel free to let us know.

Hope to see you there!

Hello! Here are the top voters for the month of August, 2019:

  1. xKwm1
  2. littlefighter126
  3. Epic_Mine_Quest

Thank you all so much for voting this month! It definitely has been a busy month, especially with school starting up again and Hurricane Dorian looming on the horizon, but your votes are much appreciated! Again, thank you, and enjoy your prizes.


Thank you for your application! I really appreciate that you want to help out the server. However, I'm sorry, but I'm going to deny your application for now. While you may have worked on a different server before, which is good, I don't believe you've played on Nogard long enough to be able to help others out if they need help with something. This applies especially for specific or tricky questions, or possibly even some kind of attack. Feel free to make another application at a later date if you still wish to apply after gaining some experience, and add more to it next time! You've answered all the questions, but with what you've given me, I still don't know much about you. Convince me to make me want to add you to my staff team!

Again, I'm sorry, but I do still look forwards to seeing you on the server again! Thanks for applying.

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I'm really sorry about this! Looks like the donation system messed up, but I've fixed it and things are back to normal now. You shouldn't experience this issue again. Thanks so much for donating to the server, it helps a lot!

Hello! Here are the top voters for the month of July, 2019:

1. CrabANiceGame

2. Bunnard

3. Draggo24

Each of these players have received an in-game prize for being a top voter. Thank you so much for voting for Nogard, and I hope you enjoy your prize!