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Hello, and welcome to Nogard. We’re so glad to have you on our server! This is a guide that will hopefully give you a better idea about how the server works.


A Brief Introduction

Nogard was created back in 2015, and although it hasn’t grown much in terms of players, it’s matured quite a bit since its beginnings. Nogard is a Minecraft server that, at the time of writing, features Skyblock, Survival, Prison Mines, Creative Plots, and Parkour. Besides these five gamemodes, Nogard also features a ranking system, hub gadgets, currency, and so much more. To learn more about the server, please visit this page.


How to Join

  1. Open your Minecraft application and navigate to the "Multiplayer" section.
  2. Click "Add server" in the bottom left.
  3. Type anything to remember the server by in the first box, and in the second box.
  4. You're done!


Where to Begin

When you first join, it may be a little bit overwhelming. You first spawn in our lobby, which is home to the teleportation portals, the Vote Crate, the latest server news, and more general information. You’ll have three items in your hotbar that you can click on:

  1. A compass, which will open a menu where you can teleport to the different sections of the server quickly or see more information.
  2. A chest, which will open a menu where you can configure your server preferences.
  3. An ender chest, which will open a menu full of fun gadgets that you can win and use in the lobby.

After exploring around a bit, you’ll want to choose a section of the server to play on. When you travel between the different sections of the server, your rank, your in-game money, the chat, and everything else will stay the same same across all parts of the server except for your inventory, your xp, your health, and a few other things. This makes for a more fun environment on the server, since we rarely get that many people on in the first place. Below are your options of what to play. Click on each one to get more information about it.




Play the classic Vanilla Minecraft survival, but with some added perks, such as land claiming, player shops, and more!


Have your own personal island to survive on! You start out with a few resources, and you build your island from there. There is a Skyblock Store (/warp skyblockstore), multiple island presets, many challenges to complete, and you can even invite your friends to play with you!

Prison Mines

Whack away at blocks, purchase awesome kits, rank-up for access to better mines, and get lots of loot! Sell blocks you collect at the shop to get money, or show off your skills in the PVP arena.

Creative Plots

Let your creativity shine by building anything you want in creative mode on your very own plot of land! You can also build maps for Parkour courses or participate in contests to earn some money.


There are currently 6 different categories of difficulty of parkour courses on Nogard. Jump from block to block to get to the end! The parkours feature cash prizes, high scores, checkpoints, and so much more.


Ranks and Money

There are a lot of ranks on Nogard, but it's easy to get the hang of. The primary ranks consist of the roman numerals I through X, and you can rank-up to the next rank by typing /rankup in-game. Each rank costs increasingly more in-game money, however the ranks are consistent across the whole server and unlock access to new things everywhere. You can earn money to rank-up at any of the five gamemodes that the server has to offer (for example, beating parkour courses, selling bulk items in Skyblock or Survival, or selling in Prison), voting, or petting "Toby the Wolf" in the lobby for a daily prize. After you reach rank X, typing /rankup again will allow you to "Prestige" to the first Prestige on the server, which is called Alpha (α). Prestiging doesn't cost anything, but it will set you back to rank I and you will have to work your way back up to X again, but now the ranks cost twice as much as before. Besides these ranks and the first Prestige, there are also secondary ranks, which are the donator ranks (Wyrm, Wyvern, and Hydra) and the staff ranks (Moderator, Builder, and Owner). To view the perks of each rank, type /ranks in-game!


Helpful Tips

Here are some more tips to help you play more efficiently:

  • Walk up to Toby the Wolf in the lobby each day to pet him, and he’ll give you a free reward just for petting him!
  • You can vote for the server up to 8 times each day to receive free prizes, and you’ll be helping the server look better to attract new players at the same time. Click here to learn more about voting.
  • Consider joining our Discord Server, where you can receive quick help if you’re stuck, stay up to date with server activities and updates, or chat with other players. 
  • Check the website, the Discord Server, or our Twitter Account to keep up to date with the latest of what’s happening on Nogard


We’re so thrilled to have you as a part of our small yet welcoming community, and we hope that you enjoy your time here on Nogard. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I'm sorry to announce, but Nogard has experienced another rollback of data. Nogard's host had something set up incorrectly with the payment notification system, and it failed to notify me of overdue payments from last month, so the server was automatically suspended and all files were automatically deleted. I fortunately had a backup from 6/29/19, but everything between then and today was lost. I'm extremely sorry to announce this, as I know we've already experienced multiple data losses this year and I'm hoping this will be the last. Please contact staff if you'd like some assistance getting lost items back, and we'd be more than glad to help!

Parkour on Nogard is the same as parkour on any other Minecraft server – Jump from block to block without falling in order to reach the end, where you receive a prize! You can join a map by clicking on its icon in the menus. Most courses on Nogard are built by other players, but some were built by the Nogard staff team. Each time you step on a pressure plate, it counts for a checkpoint, and if you were to fall any time after getting that checkpoint, you would be teleported back there instead of being sent back to the start. You must achieve all checkpoints in order to complete a course. Try challenging your friends to see who can beat a course the fastest, or try and work together on completing a map!




The parkour courses on Nogard are categorized into 6 different sections, and these are Noob, Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, and Insane. The easiest courses are in the Noob section, and the hardest are in the Insane section. The Master section is only available to ranks V and above, and the Insane section is only available to rank X.



Each course gives you a different prize, and these prizes go from lower to higher as you move from the Noob section to the Insane section. All prizes are given in in-game server cash and can be seen by hovering over the courses in the menus.



  • /pa join (course)
  • /pa cmds
  • /pa list courses
  • /pa leave


Also, if you’re looking for a way to make money on the server and you enjoy building, consider building a parkour map for Nogard! If you build a map on your plot in the creative plots and submit it for review, it could be added as an official course, and you’ll receive a cash prize for your efforts! Please remember to use stone pressure plates for the checkpoints and a diamond block for the end point. The other blocks can be anything you want, but try and have the blocks that send players back to their last checkpoint as being different than the rest.

On the Creative Plots section of Nogard, you can build literally anything you want, as long as it follows our rules (type /rules in-game to see them)! When you join the Creative section, you receive a plot of land that you can build on, but you can’t build on other people’s plots! You can invite other players to build on your plot, you can ban people from your plot, and if you’re a donor, you can even use some WorldEdit commands on your plot! Start off by typing either /p auto to claim a random plot, or /p claim to claim an empty plot that you’re standing on.




There are a wide variety of commands associated with this section of the server, most of which come from one plugin. Please see this page for a full list of commands, or see some more common ones below.

  • /plot auto
  • /plot claim
  • /plot delete
  • /plot visit (username/id)
  • /plot kick
  • /plot middle
  • /plot trust
  • /plot add
  • /plot deny
  • /plot remove
  • /plot merge
  • /plot link

Prison on Nogard is not like the “OP” prison you see on other servers, but rather a simplified version of that. The goal of prison is to mine blocks in the highest level mine that you can and sell them for a profit! It's the easiest way to get fast money on the server as you get to higher ranks if you ever need some extra cash. As you rank up on the server, you unlock more mines, and these new mines have better resources that sell for a greater profit. Mine blocks, sell them, and repeat!



General Information

  • The mine you currently have access to corresponds with your rank (for example, if you are rank V, you have access to I, II, III, IV, and V (roman numerals)).
  • There is one main area for selling things at /warp prisonstore instead of individual selling points for each mine.
  • Mines reset every 3 hours.
  • To get started, either use /kit starter or create a pickaxe using the Log Mine.
  • If you build up your inventory, try challenging another player to a battle in the PVP arena!
  • Try purchasing a Prison Crate Key to win some awesome prizes!


Common Commands

  • /prison
  • /mines
  • /kits
  • /sell all/hand/item (donors only)
  • /workbench (donors only)
  • /enderchest (donors only)