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Late last month, a retired moderator, Coasterteam, joined the Nogard network for the first time in a while and surprised us with not one, not two, but three new Parkour courses! Coasterteam was active on Nogard from 2015 to 2018 and is the creator of multiple existing Parkour courses on the server.


The first course is called The Runner. It's an Easy course, which is a nice addition to our unfortunately small collection of Easy courses. This course is a simple, colorful, and relaxing circle through the sky.


The second course is The Mirror. Reminiscent of the Maze Jumper course, this Medium difficulty course is an easier take, having transparent walls. This makes it easier to tell where to go next, but even more infuriating when you end up in a dead end.


Finally, the last course is The Ravine. Nogard's second Insane difficulty course since the 1.16 update, this challenging course contains countless difficult jumps but only one checkpoint. One false move will leave to a rage quit! 


Thanks so much to Coasterteam for providing us all with some refreshing new maps. Be sure to try them out next time you're on and let him know how much you like them!

If you want to submit your own courses, build a course in the Parkour plot world and type /submit to submit it. You'll receive prizes in-game for accepted submissions!

Hope to see you online soon!

Hi there! With Summer now coming to a close, we're patiently awaiting the announcement of the Minecraft 1.18 release date. Until then, Nogard will receive small updates and bug fixes. 

Here's the top voters of the month of August, 2021:

  1. MeowKing5
  2. Duskss and xGlitchtrapx
  3. BucketMuncher

Hope you enjoy your prizes! Thanks so much for voting to support the server and attract new players.


Here's some small updates that have been made throughout the past month:

  • Added Personal Vault alias commands in Parkour (/pv, /pvault, /vault, /privatevault)
  • Fixed the website contact form not working
  • Changed the cooldown for /condense from 30 minutes to 5 minutes in Prison


Please stay tuned for more announcements for our 1.18 update, which will come shortly after the Minecraft 1.18 release date is announced. Hope to see you online soon!

Here are the top voters for the month of July, 2021:

  1. BucketMuncher
  2. littlefighter126
  3. ToothyCannon360

Thanks so much for voting, and hope you enjoy your prizes!



Here are some minor changes that were made during this past month:

  • You can now join all servers using 1.17.1 clients. 
  • Added Community Chests to Prison right outside the Workshop (/workshop). Dispose of items you don't need here to give new players a head start! (Thanks BucketMuncher for the idea)
  • Prevented chests and barrels from being accessed in the Prison Workshop (Thanks BucketMuncher for the idea)
  • Fixed wrong textures for dropped items when joining using a 1.17 client (Thanks PandaGroot7 and Blockplacer12345 for reporting)
  • Fixed no message being shown when receiving items or experience from vote or timed rewards in Survival and Prison (Thanks BucketMuncher for reporting)
  • Fixed queued vote prizes sometimes not processing (Thanks BucketMuncher for reporting)
  • Updated the hologram plugin and the plugin that supports these to the latest versions on all servers to fix incompatibilities
  • Fixed stone not being a valid item to sell in Prison

Updates have been a bit slow, but that's because we've been focused on the 1.18 update.

Hope to see you online soon!

Hi there! I've compiled a list of my favorite bases that I've seen on Nogard Survival 1.16, and I want to share them with everybody. These are in no particular order.  If you see your base here and you'd like it taken down, please comment below. I'm just sharing these because I like them. Nobody will be able to take advantage of your base by these screenshots because they don't know where to find it without its coordinates!














SaintsSurvivor & iandahug






Tonymoii, trsilje, MartinS97, AsaRevo




Show me your awesome base in the comments below!

Hi there! Zrqii (CrabANiceGame), one of our Moderators, came up with a really unique idea for combining two aspects of the Prison server that I had never thought of, and I wanted to share it. 



Firstly, he has surrounded his private mine on his Cell by wood planks, which is a smart idea so none of the blocks are lost. To accompany this, blocks that fall are ushered and collected into the hoppers by the water at the bottom. No blocks are lost at all, and he's getting his money's worth from this project!



Now here's the cool part. All of the hoppers lead right down into these double chests underneath his mine. Using his infinite sell wand, all Zrqii has to do is mine for a while, then go below his mine and right-click all of the chests full of blocks with his Sell Wand. All of the blocks will magically be sold, and he can start the process over again!

This is a much more efficient way of mining than just a regular mine. The private mine contains a higher percentage of higher-valued blocks, and if the sell wand has a multiplier, then he can sell those blocks for a higher price than just the regular shop. With this setup, Zrqii will reach the max rank and prestige in no time!


I hope you enjoyed reading about Zrqii's unique idea. If you've built something unique on any of the Nogard servers and want to show it off, let a staff member know or simply make a post yourself on the Forums!