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Quests have been released on Prison! Quests are tasks such as mining a certain number of blocks, building on your Prison Cell, or slaying mobs and players that you can complete. Complete quests to gain prizes, such as gem bags or crate keys! These were added to give players a new way to gain gems, since they were hard to come by. All quests are repeatable, but some reset sooner than others.

You can only start one quest at a time. To start a quest, type /quests or walk near the Wandering Trader in the Prison spawn,. Then, select a category and click a quest to start it. To stop a quest, follow the same process but right-click on your active quest.

In addition to this, another minor change is that the announcements for common items won from the Mine Crate in Prison have been suppressed to stop all the colorful spam in the chat.

We hope you enjoy this new update to Prison!

We have had some minor setbacks so far this year, but we want to take a moment to thank everybody who's donated and voted this past month! For the voters, we hope you enjoy your prizes. Here are the top voters for the month of January, 2021:

  1. PineappleOatmeal
  2. sspattgmxat
  3. littlefighter126

Hope everybody has a nice February!


We've heard multiple players tell us that it's difficult to rank up in Prison once you get to a certain point, so we've made it a bit easier to rank up. The sell prices of all items in prison have been increased by 2.5x, giving you more money for each time you sell. To go along with this, the sell prices of blocks, such as iron, diamond, or coal, have been increased to 10x the amount of the sell price of its respective ingot. On the other hand, the prices of the rankups and prestiges have been decreased. You can type /ranks in game to view more details.

In addition to this, the bug was fixed where voting in the Parkour creative plot world gave you items in the wrong world.

Here are some updates that have been made to Parkour and Prison throughout the month of January, 2021:



  • Added WorldEdit permissions for Wyvern and Hydra donator ranks in Parkour creative plots
  • Added a 1 hour WorldEdit Voucher prize to the Galleon Crate
  • Disabled fall damage in Parkour
  • Fixed various problems with courses, such as finish blocks not working 
  • Reduced the prizes of hard courses
  • Nerfed all doubloon vouchers
  • Fixed maximum plot claim limits not working
  • Fixed a bug where you could bring items from the Creative plot world to the Parkour spawn
  • Fixed a cheat in the "Fall" parkour course
  • Fixed a bug where the crates gave two instead of one potion


  • Added stone bricks, nether bricks, and prismarine bricks for selling
  • Fixed the sell command not working for donators (Related to January permissions wipe)


In addition to all this, support was added for 1.16.5 clients. If you haven't had a chance to check out the new Parkour server yet, be sure to join and check it out! We hope everybody enjoys the new updates. Thanks for reading!


Hi all! We plan on releasing the Nogard Parkour 1.16 update this Friday, January 15th, 2021 at 7pm EST. This is the last game mode on Nogard that is awaiting an update. So far, Survival was updated in July, Prison in November, and then Skyblock in December. Finally, it is Parkour's turn. We thank everybody for their patience as we have slowly updated Nogard over the past few months and converted it into a real network.

You can find more information about what's coming in this 1.16 update by reading here: New features include new ranks and rankups, revamped courses, an item shop, challenges, timed and vote rewards, weekly hidden block events, and much more.

There are also new Parkour additions to our donator store, which you can see at These additions include rank perks, which you can view by clicking for more details on each rank, and an entire section of the store dedicated to Parkour crate keys and items. Be sure to check these out!

We hope to see you there!