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My IGN: MeowKing5

How Long I've Played: I can't really tell, because I played a lot in earlier times, and somewhat the same yesterday.

How Well are you known on the server: Not that much, very little.

Age: 12 (sadly I know I might not get accepted)

Past Experience: Little - No one played on my server besides friends, not that I might need to know of.

Proof of Experience: Cannot be Shown - Violates Advertising.

Anything else: Hopefully I get accepted. I am seeking experience on small servers like these to moderate so people can be happy. I feel like I am trustworthy enough to be a Moderator on the server. I do want to incline that I was banned recently, for "Using a Hacked Client to get Edited Items in Creative", and want to say I didn't know that was a rule. I sincerely apologize for my mistake. Another thing I want to include is that I will moderate on the server when I am able to. I will legit quit bedwars for this experience. Thanks, MeowKing5.


P.S, will there be a vc conference? If so, I may have a little trouble with background noise and Mic Echo.