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frick you

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Your in-game name: Serpro2007

how long you have played on this server: I started 7/15/19 so I don't really know how long that is, but you can do the math

how well are you known on the server: I am pretty well known because I give other players tools and items to help them start.

how old are you?:14 turning 15 soon.

have you had any experience in the past?: yes 

Proof of that experience: My brother had a Minecraft server I was part of the staff for a little until it was closed. There were about 10 people on it daily, which is about what Nogard is like.

Anything else that you deem necessary: I started playing on this along with xKwm1 on 7/15/19. I am well known on the server for helping players as I stated earlier. I have also donated money to this server so it can stay afloat. That is all and I hope you accept me.